Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh what a day

My birthday is in 37 days and I'm so excited. :D I will finally no longer be considered a baby. Sah-weet. Also, I now have 17 days until me and my sister drive the 18 hour drive to my grandparents house in West Virginia. I think I'm more excited to travel for vacation than I am for my birthday; odd yes I know. Once up there I have to start looking for a job so I don't go broke. Its going to be quite difficult I think since Franklin is such a small town. If I can get a job making 7/8/9 dollars an hour I'll be happy. I want so much to get a job in outdoor retail. Its such a great place to work. Maybe I'll start my own little shop in the town. That would be fantastic but I doubt I'd get a loan to get everything in order. It would be nice thats for sure. I definitely want to go skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and whatever else makes my little heart sing.
I'm in the process of trying to get some Vibram Five Finger shoes still. The last ones were a tad too small. I'm so impatient and it sucks. I'm not sure if I should buy the Classics or the KSO's. I actually want both but for now one will be fine. I've heard good things about the both but will probably end up with the Classics because they have less material. I'm afraid however that I'll want the KSO's when I become a little more active in them. Ahh, to be indecisive is a terrible thing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recent news

I recently bought (and sadly had to return) a pair of Vibram's Five Finger shoes. They are the coolest things in the world. Who knew going barefoot was so good? I've always loved and been drawn to going barefoot ever since I was a kid. But going into the military they fit us for shoes that "would help us when we ran" and honestly I've had more aches and pains in the past three years than I ever did in high school playing soccer. I had to return my FF's because they were a tad to small for my feet and hurt my toes. I won't give up. I WANT A PAIR but the store I went to has to order the size I need. People seem to have gone on a frenzy here buying those shoes. Its crazy. Have no fear. I will get them. I plan to hike, kayak, run, walk, shop, swim, climb things, and much more in these bad boys. It makes me all giddy inside to know that the pains in my knees and shins are caused by shoes and I can correct years of bad habits from merely walking barefoot or in FFs shoes. My feet will be singing praises to the shoe king and the angels will be singing hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah hallelujah!! halleeeelujah! I bid thee fair well and good night.