Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yoga Sutra 1.10

Yoga Sutra 1.10
Deep sleep is that fluctuating of mind which the waking and dreaming experience are both negated. 

Going over this sutra by Maehle was....... confusing a bit. He spoke of four different states; the waking, dreaming, dreamless, and transcendental states. When in one of the first three it negates the others, but when in the transcendental state there is awareness of the first three. Then he speaks about the dreamless sleep fluctuation...where does that one from?

"For liberation to occur, objectless samadhi has to become permanent. If the deep-sleep fluctuation were still present, it would make objectless samadhi impermanent."

I guess my question, that I'll research, would be "what is objectless samadhi, and how does one attain it?" I think I've read over it before but at the moment my brain isn't wanting to pull forth the information.

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