Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vegan or Raw Vegan

Simply vegan or fully raw vegan? This is something I have been toying with back and forth for a month or so now. I'm trying to find out what works best for my body so that I can fuel it with the best things. Being raw would give me total control over what I would or would not be missing from my diet. Staying simply vegan would mean I could cook my foods. They would still be nutritious but lacking certain qualities that uncooked food has.

Then there is the idea of being 80% raw, or basically eat raw all day until dinner. Fascinating idea and I can have my food in both worlds. I came upon the whole raw concept back in April I guess and it has intrigued me ever since. You don't cook anything at all BUT you can dehydrate things. Such an interesting concept. I have a few items to get before that would even be feasible. Currently I only have a round dehydrator but would need a square one and that thing looks awesome.

The item pictured above is something I would regret having to give up if I were to go completely raw. I'm not necessarily "addicted" to coffee more so as I'm addicted to the aspect of getting up and fixing a cup and enjoying its warmth and flavor. It doesn't give me a jolt of energy or jitters. I drink it because I love coffee and the act of drinking it. I've tried using green tea in it's place, but it didn't come close to matching the joy I get from a good ole cup of joe!

So my dilemma becomes to go raw and leave coffee behind or 80-20 raw? I think only time will tell really. I plan to go for one week being raw just to see how it goes. I'll report on my findings!

Yours in health!

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