Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vegan or Raw Vegan

Simply vegan or fully raw vegan? This is something I have been toying with back and forth for a month or so now. I'm trying to find out what works best for my body so that I can fuel it with the best things. Being raw would give me total control over what I would or would not be missing from my diet. Staying simply vegan would mean I could cook my foods. They would still be nutritious but lacking certain qualities that uncooked food has.

Then there is the idea of being 80% raw, or basically eat raw all day until dinner. Fascinating idea and I can have my food in both worlds. I came upon the whole raw concept back in April I guess and it has intrigued me ever since. You don't cook anything at all BUT you can dehydrate things. Such an interesting concept. I have a few items to get before that would even be feasible. Currently I only have a round dehydrator but would need a square one and that thing looks awesome.

The item pictured above is something I would regret having to give up if I were to go completely raw. I'm not necessarily "addicted" to coffee more so as I'm addicted to the aspect of getting up and fixing a cup and enjoying its warmth and flavor. It doesn't give me a jolt of energy or jitters. I drink it because I love coffee and the act of drinking it. I've tried using green tea in it's place, but it didn't come close to matching the joy I get from a good ole cup of joe!

So my dilemma becomes to go raw and leave coffee behind or 80-20 raw? I think only time will tell really. I plan to go for one week being raw just to see how it goes. I'll report on my findings!

Yours in health!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wow. It Has Been FOREVER since I've written!!

I was looking at the date and staring in disbelief!! I can't believe it's been since February. My meditation is still crazy bad, and I've digressed in my practice. After opening my studio things went a little crazy and hectic. I should have never opened it really. I should have looked around for a place to teach at BEFORE signing a lease. Now I'm stuck in a lease with no real interest in the yoga.

Heck, I've lost touch with MY practice because I was so busy teaching. I've always been told that teaching yoga and practicing yoga is two totally different things. Guess I should have listened because it is spot on the money. I love practicing way more than teaching. Not to mention, I had someone ask me if I wanted to take something I loved and turn it into work. Too bad they didn't ask me that before I did everything to open my business. I would have reconsidered.

I enjoy teaching, but not at the expense where I see everyone as a dollar sign to help pay bills. I literally don't have enough people to pay my bills and when I lose folks it's like a knife is stuck in my stomach as I think of a way to recreate that money that I just lost. Thankfully, the women that come to my studio have become like family and are doing everything they can to help me out of this mess I've created for myself.

Since February, I have moved, broken my lease for the studio, and am actively coaching for Team Beachbody. I've fell in love with Insanity and Focus T25. They are amazing, fun, and very challenging. I do love a challenge. I'm currently working to get my practice back together from the pieces it is in and I meditate from time to time. I even have a nifty little app on my phone for it ;).

There is so much that I could tell you, but I wouldn't even know where to start. That and I wouldn't want to bore you too much. Thankfully, my husband has a job and I can stay home with my son. It's very lovely and makes for an easy way to plan my day. Sort of. I have to plan around a child haha. Time for me to get up earlier to practice AND workout. My practices will be the modified versions of Ashtanga. I still love that practice the most. I'm partial ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning to Meditate

This is definitely a trying task. I am a wiggle worm (much like my son) and so trying to sit still for an extended period of time is almost painful. I am constantly moving, but with my teacher training I am required to meditate at least every day and doing so is difficult for me.

I sit down on my meditation cushion and set my timer, close my eyes and try to focus inward. This lasts for about 3 minutes until I get fidgety. Ugh. I know things take time but for a week now I've not managed longer than 10 minutes for meditation.

How do people manage this for multiple hours? Actually, I know the answer for that.. practice. "Practice, practice, practice... all is coming" I'm impatient though. I guess my gunas are out of balance.

I'll keep practicing and try to get things under control.. or at least manageable.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Short Forms... Ashtanga

One of the things my teacher is having me do is practice David Swenson's Short Forms from his Practice Manual.

So far, it has been helpful in gaining my strength back since being post-partum. It's definitely a whole new experience trying to make my way back into my practice. I have to find my balance again in certain postures and strength in others.

Currently I'm practicing the 30 minute short form but am hoping to work my way up to the 45 minute short form by next week. Of course, I'm not going to push myself since I don't want to rush the process but it's definitely a process of getting back into the groove of things.

So far things are going good though. I've been trying to practice in the mornings but with my son sometimes sleeping well and then not fine other nights, it's hard to maintain a schedule. So, I'm just rolling with the flow and practicing when I can and not being upset by it. I just have the mentality of "at least I'm practicing now" :).

"Everything is in perfect order, even when it's a perfect mess" - My teacher

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post Training :)

This past weekend was a bunch of bad, good, and great all wrapped in one!

The bad came in to play when there was snow on the ground and it began to ice UNDER the snow and I ended up sliding down a small hill into the rear end of a vehicle coming from the left. It was horrible!! All I could do was watch it play out in front of me because I couldn't stop my car. Everyone was ok, nothing really hurt except my pride. Bragging isn't a good thing and I was just talking before this accident that I was adept at driving in the snow (I didn't say ice though).

The good came from my teacher and her husband coming to my rescue and my teacher riding with me back to her place that morning. It was a relief to have someone ride with me after that little bump.

The great was the training!! Even though it was only Orientation, "What is Yoga?", and Anatomy discussion this weekend it was pretty awesome. Granted I have a lot of studying to do before next weekend! So I have to get on that! :)


Thursday, January 31, 2013

HOLY cow!!

After the studio, where I was originally enrolled for a teacher training, canceled their course due to a lack of people signing up I scrambled to find a new place to receive training. I was so nervous I wouldn't find a suitable course that I both liked and would enjoy. I even considered going out of state far away for a month... which would put me away from my son for that length of time. I was heartbroken.

HOWEVER, things have changed drastically! I found a woman who conducts one-on-one trainings. Most of you might think it odd that she conducts one-on-one trainings but I find it quite reassuring. I love that there will be more personal training for me. She has people she works with at a studio in Franklin, Tn act as class members for me to teach to get hands on and I will also be "interning" in classes that she leads. :) I'm really excited.

She's had training in numerous different aspects of yoga (Ayurveda, thai yoga massage, yoga for soldiers, cancer patients, yoga as therapy, etc). She's deeply sincere about her practice and helping others achieve a meaningful and well balanced practice.

I start this weekend after I drove 5 hours north of my house to meet with her for an hour and then drive 5 hours back south to my house. It was a good meeting and I felt immediately at ease around her!! :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Unsure with myself...

I think I'm losing myself with my impatience as I wait for the declaration of whether I'll be attending the teacher training or not. While my practice is getting "stronger" my mind is beginning to wander some.

Have any of you heard of It's Yoga? They are Ashtanga "based".. meaning they use the Primary and Intermediate series to form their own set sequences. It's actually quite intriguing. They have what's called Rocket and it's basically supposed to get you through the series "faster". While I don't exactly agree with that mind frame; it is nevertheless an interesting theory that I would like information on.

In regards to TurboFire, I think I'm losing interest slowly...