Thursday, January 31, 2013

HOLY cow!!

After the studio, where I was originally enrolled for a teacher training, canceled their course due to a lack of people signing up I scrambled to find a new place to receive training. I was so nervous I wouldn't find a suitable course that I both liked and would enjoy. I even considered going out of state far away for a month... which would put me away from my son for that length of time. I was heartbroken.

HOWEVER, things have changed drastically! I found a woman who conducts one-on-one trainings. Most of you might think it odd that she conducts one-on-one trainings but I find it quite reassuring. I love that there will be more personal training for me. She has people she works with at a studio in Franklin, Tn act as class members for me to teach to get hands on and I will also be "interning" in classes that she leads. :) I'm really excited.

She's had training in numerous different aspects of yoga (Ayurveda, thai yoga massage, yoga for soldiers, cancer patients, yoga as therapy, etc). She's deeply sincere about her practice and helping others achieve a meaningful and well balanced practice.

I start this weekend after I drove 5 hours north of my house to meet with her for an hour and then drive 5 hours back south to my house. It was a good meeting and I felt immediately at ease around her!! :)

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