Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stepping Back ON the Mat

Today marked the second time since I stopped practicing that I stepped onto my mat for a short practice. I noticed right away my tight calves and hamstrings. What I had gained only a short time ago has been lost and will need to be found again. My heels do not touch the ground and my fingertips just barely touch the floor as I bend forward.

I found myself becoming irritated with my practice and when I did I simply let myself hang in a forward fold or rest a few moments more in down dog as I rocked back and forth between my feet. Instead of letting myself be angry at how things had changed, I merely explored them. I took time to notice where there was a tightness in an attempt to breath and loosen it.

Then after practicing I questioned myself on why I wanted to be a teacher. Random time to be thinking about this when I've already paid for my training, but it was a thought that crossed my mind. I was scrolling through Facebook, when oddly enough I found an article that pretty much summed up why I decided I wanted to teach. Not that I am trying to say that everything this fella said is my reasoning but the way he helped this particular woman is (in a sense) what I hope to accomplish as a teacher myself.

Christopher Roberts wrote a piece called "Why I Teach Yoga" and it was touching to say the least. A woman drops in to one of his yoga classes and is forever changed by his teaching methods. She thanks him for his class and explains why she attended.

Like Christopher, I hope to touch and even transform the lives of people who come to attend any of my classes; whether its two or thirty people in a class.

I also hope to inspire my child through yoga.

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