Thursday, February 7, 2013

Short Forms... Ashtanga

One of the things my teacher is having me do is practice David Swenson's Short Forms from his Practice Manual.

So far, it has been helpful in gaining my strength back since being post-partum. It's definitely a whole new experience trying to make my way back into my practice. I have to find my balance again in certain postures and strength in others.

Currently I'm practicing the 30 minute short form but am hoping to work my way up to the 45 minute short form by next week. Of course, I'm not going to push myself since I don't want to rush the process but it's definitely a process of getting back into the groove of things.

So far things are going good though. I've been trying to practice in the mornings but with my son sometimes sleeping well and then not fine other nights, it's hard to maintain a schedule. So, I'm just rolling with the flow and practicing when I can and not being upset by it. I just have the mentality of "at least I'm practicing now" :).

"Everything is in perfect order, even when it's a perfect mess" - My teacher

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