Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post Training :)

This past weekend was a bunch of bad, good, and great all wrapped in one!

The bad came in to play when there was snow on the ground and it began to ice UNDER the snow and I ended up sliding down a small hill into the rear end of a vehicle coming from the left. It was horrible!! All I could do was watch it play out in front of me because I couldn't stop my car. Everyone was ok, nothing really hurt except my pride. Bragging isn't a good thing and I was just talking before this accident that I was adept at driving in the snow (I didn't say ice though).

The good came from my teacher and her husband coming to my rescue and my teacher riding with me back to her place that morning. It was a relief to have someone ride with me after that little bump.

The great was the training!! Even though it was only Orientation, "What is Yoga?", and Anatomy discussion this weekend it was pretty awesome. Granted I have a lot of studying to do before next weekend! So I have to get on that! :)


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