Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning walks...

Can be so invigorating. They provide a way to relieve stress or anger. Example: If you have an argument with someone you consider a friend and the argument is trivial and childish go for a walk. On the walk think about the conversation you would like to have with that person. Don't stop walking until its over and you will feel ten times better. I did just this early this morning. I was fuming over a conversation about how things should have worked out and realized how insane the situation was. It amazes me how much a person can get to you without truly allowing it. You get so wrapped up in the thoughts of what is transpiring and all of a sudden you're flaming and you can't seem to calm down. I don't understand how it happened but it did. I feel better though since I walked. I hope my anger will stay away later when he calls me again. I'm not sure.

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