Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 1- Departure ceremony

Had a rough night of sleep last night.. Tossed and turned for a bit and 0500 Am came wayyy to fast for me. Tried to delay it but couldn't. Was almost late to my formation due to changing circumstances but fortunately made it in the nick of time. After our talk from the first sergeant we headed over to the civic center and I proceeded by waiting for my parents and sisters to get there. I swear I was like a 5 year old on christmas eve.... excited and impatient in one little ball. Trying to fight to save seats was an interesting ordeal though. 131 soldiers approximately and the place the ceremony was held would have fit the soldiers and maybe half of their families. Everyone had their families and more it seemed. However, I was able to hold down the fort and kept the seats. Finally, the ceremony started and I proceeded to try to stay awake. Stood up for the national anthem and the soldiers creed AND the fight song (retarded). The end. We went to the drill hall for lunch and my family scooted on out and back to the house. Low and behold, I realize that I'm missing my sleep system....GREAT that thing costs an arm and a leg. Now I have to pay for a new one. I bet as soon as the issue me a new one my mom will find my old one. I have that kind of luck. It will randomly show up somewhere and OHH hey I found it. After they left it was kinda drab. Boring but not. Talked to random people at the unit and laughed a bunch. Should be interesting going over with these guys. They are genuinely nice guys and fun to be around. We waited around the drill hall after cleaning up just for chow to get there....I didn't eat any at all...eww. Me and some buddies went eat sushi and hibachi (free for me yay) and came back to the hotel. I'm about to pass out so I'm gonna call it a night. Yay for tomorrow. Don't know exactly what it will hold.

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