Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long time no blog

I'm pretty sure its been too long since I've blogged. Time escapes me sometimes. Alas, I returned safely from Iraq. It was rather dull and boring most of the time. The only fun or excitement was what my comrades and I created. Since returning I have moved from Louisiana to Mississippi. I was attending Mississippi State University only to move an hour west of there to live with my boyfriend. That in itself has been an adventure and is becoming a daunting task. Lacking sleep and energy to do anything worth while I am hoping to start a rather much needed yoga practice. That is if I can keep at it this time.
I hope to try Bikram Yoga this weekend in Memphis. I'm actually excited to go to Memphis which is odd since cities pretty much scare me. But nevertheless I'm excited.Of course that is if I get out of drill in time to go to class. I keep trying to get up in the morning but its a struggle even to get up 30 mins earlier. Hopefully I can start sleeping well and getting up early.

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