Monday, July 6, 2009

The War

I remember one email I received like it was yesterday. It was sent to me from one of my battle buddies from basic training. The email gave an in depth description of a woman's dinner. She was dinning alone because her husband was at war in Iraq. A couple tables over sat two soldiers in uniform and yet straight across from the woman sat a group of gentleman discussing the war. The gentleman were bashing soldiers and their blind faith and unwavering commitment to the cause. It cause upset in the woman who's husband was fighting for their very right to speak freely as they were. The soldiers were also uncomfortable and looking at their plates as if they wanted to leave instead of eating. After enough bashing of the US military the woman stood up walked over to the table of gentleman and told them that her husband was fighting for their freedom and that they should never bash the names of those who serve our country. They should never slander the name of the US military because without someone to fight the war, the war would be in our yard instead of theirs. Fuming and upset the woman walked back to her seat and sat down. She asked the waiter for her bill when she was told that the bill was taken care of already. The soldiers thanked her and said that it wasn't them who paid for her meal but they tried to but they were beat to the punch by a retired veteran and his wife.

The moral to this story is simple. We may not all agree with the war but there are people who are thankful for the men and women who serve to protect the very rights that most people abuse. Just because you have the right to express against the war doesn't in anyway mean that you should. No matter how much you protest and complain its still going to happen. Just be glad that its on their turf and not ours. Imagine all the innocents that would die if the war was on our soil. I think people should shut their mouths, honestly. Go live in a neutral country if you don't want war. Screw your thoughts about peace. There can be NO PEACE without any thoughts or actions of WAR!!!

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