Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting out of the south...

Zack was called this past week with an offer of 6 months in Alaska for the army..... too bad the job filled up before he was even called. I was furious. I wanted so bad to go to Alaska, and so did he.

I have this bone in my body that hates the south and constantly wants to move, unless I'm in a place that satisfies the bone's itch. So far West Virginia satisfies it, but I would love to move to Colorado. Zack has expressed interest too. Just a matter of when.... and I'm impatient. It sucks.

I want to be content with where I am but I can't stand the humidity.

Anyone know a good place in Colorado to start looking for a place to stay? Good for work and raising a child?

I start back with my practice the end of this week, for real this time. Thursday is my 6 week mark. I'm nervous that I won't get back into my practice like I was. That I won't be dedicated. That I'll get depressed or bummed out about how behind I've fallen.

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