Friday, December 21, 2012

Info from a friend

I'm part of a small group of folks that offer insights and encouragement for those of us who have trouble rising before a certain time to complete our yoga practice. Recently, I posed a question in regards to being a new mom and practicing yoga. Mostly because I am having trouble finding time TO practice.

My son is now 7 weeks old and, while it's getting easier, I'm still having trouble.

Nevertheless, one person responded by sending me a link of a documented conversation between Sarawathi and Lisa Laler (from a shala in New York).

In regards to when a person should begin practicing, this is what was said:

"L: After delivery, when is it good to start the yoga practice again?

S: After about three months she can start again. In India, the woman stays a lot in bed the first three months after giving birth and she takes an oil bath everyday. The baby should also have oil bath and massage, every day for three or four month. Caster - oil is the best oil to use - both for the baby and the mother."

However, I don't want to wait three months to begin practicing yoga. Therefore, I've been going easy on the practice and on myself. Trying not to beat myself up more or less.

I made it through 5 Sury A's and 2 Sury B's. Then I added some other asanas on the end of the practice and I actually felt really good. I was surprised.

I'm starting to read a book Teaching Yoga for my impending teacher training but am beginning to have a few doubts. Mostly because of my practice being not where I want it to be. 

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