Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Catching Up On Reading and Restorative Yoga

Today will involve me catching up on some long over due reading in Maehle's Pranayama book. I can't believe I've slacked off this much. Then again I've put pretty much all my time into creating two separate business plans (which aren't close to being finished) and am considering creating another.

Ultimate Goal: Start a retreat center for studios to bring their students for either retreats or teacher trainings.

Minor Goals (but more feasible at the moment goals): Starting either a yoga studio in Grenada, Ms OR just simply being a travel instructor. We shall see.

Nevertheless, last post consisted of me being discouraged due to my every growing belly and lack of practice. I report this morning that I practiced the below sequence in restorative yoga... lots of laying on my back but not for too long of a period so it worked. Definitely needed the twisting at the end!

                                            Restorative Yoga with Sebastian and Gillian B

Therefore, I wanted to thank La Gitane for suggesting it (I'd put your actual name but I'm sorry, I don't know it...yet!). She suggested that I try a restorative sequence since they are more gentle on the body than traditional Ashtanga is. Yes I know I can tone down Ashtanga but the forward bending was getting too me. I think my son has decided that he doesn't want me bending over.. which I guess is ok. I mean he is the one being smushed in there, not me.

Goals for today are as follows:
—Finish chapter on General Guidelines in Maehle's book
—Study for Nutrition
—Find more restorative sequences
—Work on business plans

Of course, I'm going to eat and relax in there too. The weather is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous here, but will be warming to the 80's again soon. I can't wait for it to be winter down here in the south. Wish it snowed on a regular basis!

Onward mates! Have a fantastic day :D

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