Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Drawing Nigh? AND New Products? Uh yes!

I think it's getting pretty darn close! Tomorrow makes week 39!! Yikes.

Anyway, I was walking on the treadmill this morning (doc said step it out and it should help to "induce" labor, so I've been stepping it out) and man, oh, man. I had some severe cramps after that. I thought I was going into labor.......

Wrong. That was not the case. The cramps subsided and I just became lethargic after that. I think it may have been due to me eating lunch though, the lethargic part I mean, and not anything drastic. Course I'm not sure either.

But anyways.. I got some goodies in the other day.. see below!!

These are products by Hunki Dori! They are this rad company that offers eco-friendly, organic, up cycled, handmade in the USA or FairTrade!! Not to mention they're pretty awesome.

They partner, or help, a cause called Freeset (see above) that helps women who are in the throws of prostitution because of where they live.

Mood Body Oils smell DIVINE!!

This mat cleanser is awesome... and it smells so good. It's infused with Sunflower oil. Isn't that cool?

These are their scent infused eye pillows and what's called a HairOM :) I have that one and one that is a bit wider (called a Love Wrap) and I'm way stoked to have them. They're the coolest thing since sliced bread.

This is just another shot of the funky cool eye pillows. If I remember correctly they're Patchouli scented.

And this is just a shot of me with my first HairOM on.

Once I open my studio, I will be the ONLY studio in Mississippi to carry these products! :) I'm pretty excited. I stumbled onto them by accident and now I'm in love. I'm sure it shows, since I'm frothing at the mouth and all. Nevertheless, I can't contain my excitement!

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