Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hectic, Hectic, Hectic!!

The past few days have been so hectic. I have barely had the chance to read at all. I'm quite saddened by this fact. I think I have read about 3 pages from Pranayama in the past four days.

I haven't practiced in two days... or maybe three? Being at drill for the Army National Guard sort of sucks the life out of your... well, life. My time is their time and so, my practice time is taken up in the morning with stupid formations and my afternoons are filled with work and then eating and sleep.

Today, we get a break though, but I doubt I'll end up practicing. I'm sleepy and groggy and just plain grumpy. Oh, not to mention uncomfortable. At 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant... I think I'm a little due for discomfort at the moment. I have issued my son an eviction notice but he isn't listening OR paying attention. I guess he likes his little cocoon.

I guess I'm getting anxious about the delivery and the fact that my practice will soon be obsolete—at least for about 3 weeks. I'm scared that once I get back on the mat things will be different and have drastically changed. I mean, I know it will happen, but its embracing the changes that I feeling scared of. But, I am hopeful that it will give me something to learn from that I can help others with if and should the time for help arise and present itself.

Oh, and my little following for a possible yoga studio down here in the small town of Grenada, Ms is coming along quite nicely. I've amassed at least 50 people that seem genuinely interested (I know its such a tiny number), but I'm hoping to raise awareness in the community over the next few months.

Anyone have any comments or insights on how to best get the word out? Maybe some useful information to present to newcomers who are interested in learning about yoga?? I do have quite a few of those.

I'll hopefully be posting regularly again beginning Monday. Happy weekend! :)

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