Friday, January 4, 2013

Cardio and Yoga

Lately (or at least the past two weeks), I've been combining a cardio workout called TurboFire and my Ashtanga practice and am not sure how I like the combination yet. I began TurboFire to shed the baby weight I gained during pregnancy but am unsure of what will/would happen if I quit using the home workout DVDs.

I'm hoping that I can scale back on the workouts to about 3 times a week once I get down to the size I want to be at and then to further sculpt my muscles.

My only concern is that I'll also tighten them during the cardio and inhibit my Ashtanga practice. I would imagine it wouldn't affect it too bad, but my left shoulder is getting tight. Of course, that could also be from bad form during my workout.

I'm going to keep at it though. Trying to drop back into my pre-pregnancy jeans (if not smaller). I want to get into the best shape of my life. Mostly so I can chase my son around the pasture when he's older, because I'm quite positive that this little boy is going to try to out run me. He's stubborn just like his father ;).

On another note..... I made it all the way up to utthita hasta padangusthasana in practice this morning :). I was definitely wobbly but excited to make it to another pose. I've adjusted my goal though... I'm aiming for navasana by the end of January. I figure, I might as well go slow that way I don't hurt myself in the process of making my way through the Primary Series.

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