Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daily Routines... are they necessary?

I have often heard people describe their daily routines in great length. Most have stated that without their routine they would feel lost throughout the day. ON the other hand, I have never been a "routine" kind of gal. Usually, I get up when it's convenient to me and go about my day on a whim. Lately, I have been craving routine. Craving some sort of guidance for my day.

Currently I'm going through a 30-Day Challenge created by Chalene Johnson as a way to better organize my life and I am finding that my life is pretty erratic at the moment. Having a 9 week old son doesn't help the matter either. Nevertheless, Chalene takes you through a step-by-step process in an attempt to gain some sort of foothold on your life. I'm currently on Day 6 of the challenge and we are going over To-Do lists. I am HORRIBLE at To-Do lists but she claims that she can turn anyone into a master list maker. So I'm hoping she's right.

Anyway, this got me thinking about routines. I need to get my morning routine under control before I even think about tackling anything else during the day (routine wise). And with this thought it made me think of a post that a woman named Claudia wrote titled "7 Morning Habits For a Great Yoga Practice" and in this article she describes 7 things (obviously) that are necessity for morning routines. Her #2 would be my #1 because I have a big problem with it.

Anyways, here is her list of 7:
1. Silence, gratitude and question
3. Reading
4. Making Lists (see even she makes lists!!)
5. Coffee, yoga room setup and shower (Yes she showers BEFORE she practices--it's an Ashtanga thing)
6. Practice
AND last but not least......
7. Breakfast, shower and off to the day!

So for me my list would be the same except #'s 1 and 2 would be reverse... simply because I need to keep myself from my computer/phone/TV/email/etc in the mornings or I will be useless as I'm drawn into the fold of electronic networks. It's a very luring thing. Not to mention it lurks in my mind upon waking; "hm I wonder what's going on.. did I miss something.. etc" It's horrible to say but true. We've been come an age of computers and they dominate our lives.

My main objective with this 30-Day challenge is going to be to break my habits of habitually checking my phone and Facebook in the mornings before my practice and breakfast. Meaning that everything above "Breakfast, shower and off to the day" needs to be completed BEFORE I touch anything electronic.

Do you have a daily routine? I'd love to see what yours is.

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