Sunday, January 13, 2013

Committing a yogic sin? I committed a sin against Ashtanga yoga. Rather than complete my normal practice, I did a flow sequence. I found one taught by Seane Corn on YogaGlo and decided to press play.

WOW! That was not what I'm used to but..... It was invigorating. Would it be wrong to complete three days of Ashtanga and three days of flow? I mean obviously my Ashtanga practice wouldn't be as strong, but I'm tempted to try it for a few weeks.

I think my urge to branch out stems from the fact that I'm stuck at the Fundamental section of the Primary series. Sure, I could modify my way through the practice, but the correct way is to go only as far as you can. Only moving forward when you're ready. And I'm not ready to go past the fundamentals. Or well, not past utthita hasta padangusthasana at least. I tend to fall out of that one a bit.

Should I feel guilty? Or should I maybe combine practices since my Ashtanga practice isn't quite up to par yet?

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