Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Home and In Much Need of Rest

      Yesterday was a travel day, hence no blog. I technically could have written a blog on my iPhone but I felt that it would be to much of a pain in the butt and so I decided to read instead. Nevertheless, 14 hours in a car from West Virginia to Mississippi really is a long drive. To think that I wanted to move to Montana is a ludicrous thought right now. Not even knowing where we'd live I just took a guess and guestimated from Billings, MT to my grandparents place and it would be something like one day and 7 hours... Yeah, how about no? A closer destination will need to be implemented. I can't live that far from there unless I had my own private jet or plane.
      Anyways, we pulled in the drive at the house around 9:40 last night. I was sore, tired, full of junk food from riding, water neglected (but it was bed time and I didn't feel like peeing every hour), and just plum wore out. I didn't get anything out of the car except the dogs and my pillows. The rest was pulled out a little bit ago. After that me and Zachary went to Wal-Mart for space saver bags. Time for room clean up and re-organizing. I can't stand clutter and this room is BEYOND cluttered. I swear I can have it cleaned out every week and things would amass from somewhere.
      I'm siting in bed now about to get some homework done.. at least I hope. I really don't feel like reading the entire Hemingway Biography, but apparently that is what is necessary for this class. Too bad I can't drop the damn thing. I'm passed that now and can't drop it. Alas, I must push forward. Over 500 pages to read by sunday and I haven't even started. I need to get reading and not playing, but playing seems like so much more fun at the moment. Or resting does for that matter.

Oh and I recently felt my baby kicking ;). Neat-o huh?


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