Saturday, June 16, 2012

I feel kind of lost at the moment

      Today is Saturday. Of course, everyone knows this already. Nevertheless, no Saturday practice in Ashtanga so I skipped practice (even though I wanted to do something so I may just do a bit of a sequence later on). Now I'm sitting here drinking Chai tea and I feel like I don't know what to do. Outside of homework, there isn't much for me to do really. I'd clean up this room and junk it out, but I don't think my husband would appreciate that really. I mean we have junked this room a lot. How does one open the space of a room that is already quite small?
      We're stuck living with his parents at the moment because I'm a big ninny and didn't want to live in my old house which was broken into. He gets home late and I don't feel like walking around with a shotgun on my shoulder and a Glock on my hip to feel safe. So, here we are. In this tiny room. I'd take a picture but I don't think it would do any justice. Just picture the room being about 8 feet wide and 13 feet deep. There is a queen size bed, a 8 drawer chest, desk, two night stands, an xbox/DVR stand, and a floor a/c. Needless to say, we are CRAMPED. I hope we find a place before it's time for the baby to come... I have no idea how I'd live sanely cramped in this room.

Okay. I'm done ranting now. Back to homework so I can have an easy day before the big revealing party.

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