Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday no yoga

      Today is definitely Friday and it is not a moon day, yet I skipped practice and said I would get to it later. Further throughout the day I felt like poop and not really wanting to do anything. I think the heat is starting to take a toll on me. It was some where around 105 today!! Ugh. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the humidity outside.
      I've been thinking about my practice, actually today. I want to do further studies about what Ashtanga Yoga is and how it was created. But right now I don't seem to have time to read. I plan on taking some books with me to my two week training in Louisiana for the military since I won't be doing any field training due to pregnancy, but I'll also be writing a fifteen page research paper. I'd say that the reading would be a filler for my down time, but most likely, my down time will be filled with my husbands presence. I'll have to dedicate at least twenty minutes before bedtime to read some books.
       After homework today, I concentrated on a DVD I have by Melanie Fawer. She recorded two DVDs of her giving instructions on Ashtanga Yoga and it really made me think, or at least reconsider some things. I've said before that Ashtanga, the Mysore way, is taught to an individual in steps. Progressing when the teacher feels the student is ready. Fawer's breakdown on her "Practice DVD" was simple and very easy to understand. So I believe that I'm going to step back my practice and really delve into the inner workings of the practice along with a bit of reading each night.
       I may not step back all the way to merely the Sun Salutations but I may step it back to further than Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana (Standing Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose). I haven't fully decided where I will stop yet but I know it will be before this series of poses. I will be keeping document of my progress, or lack thereof, daily for self-documentation and for any who wish to see me progress.
      Also, I plan, starting this Sunday, to begin waking up earlier than I have been. Waking at 7:30 is nice and all but I eat breakfast later and tend to eat lunch later. I don't like this so I'm changing it. Hopefully, I'll be successful.


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