Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dragging a bit today- need food ideas

      Well, this mornings practice was about (let me clarify "about") the best part of my day. It was invigorating and smooth from beginning to end. Granted I am only doing half of the Primary sequence each morning. I'll eventually step back up my game but I'm holding back right now. Nevertheless, the DirecTV guy came this morning to fix our cable. He arrived BEFORE my practice (I got up at 7:30, I know I skimped on time) and was still here until after I was done. Needless to say, I didn't shower immediately after my practice so I decided to make a chai latte and eat some cereal. This went well.
      DirecTV guy left not long after I had my breakfast eaten and my husband reminded me we had to go pick up Nakota. She was dropped off yesterday to get a cyst/tumor/growth thing cut off the front and back of her legs. One was protruding and the other was beneath the skin. Poor thing has been groggy alll day. I keep waiting for her to become rambunctious, but I think that will come tomorrow.
      After we came back from picking her up my energy started to lag. This was such a downer because I wanted to do things with my husband today since he was off. And by do things I mean more than lay around all day. Too bad that's pretty much what we did. Well, after we went to AT&T to talk to them about lowering our payments each month some how. That alone was a drag. After that we drove to a boutique called Puddle Ducks to look for baby clothes. Why is it that boutiques find it necessary to have a plethora amount of girl clothes and a puny amount of boy clothes. I've seen many boutiques like this. I am saying that is wrong. My unborn baby boy is just as special as a little girl. Poop. That was a disappointment and I think this is actually where most of my energy went now that I think about it. I was so frustrated that I wasn't able to find anything cute that wasn't outrageously priced.
      We ended up watching an episode of Centennial and laying around while also simultaneously looking into raising chickens for food. We were debating and contemplating eventually raising organic/free range chickens to sell for meat. They seem to bring a decent amount of money in... at least they sell for a butt load at the store. Maybe we could sell ours and put a damper on Wal-Mart's sales. That'd make my day haha.

      Other than this I am also down in the dumps over the fact that my drive for cooking is dampening. I blame it on my place of residence at the moment but I'm not sure of the real answer. I just can't seem to find inspiration to try new things. Not to mention I have a picky eater to deal with in the house that enjoys fried and fatty foods, while despising things that are healthy (besides a salad). I made lettuce wraps once, which by the way are so amazing, and he didn't even TRY them. Just looked at it and said, "I don't think I'll like that. It looks healthy." ............... >8O. Yep that is pretty much how I felt. I think that is actually when my drive for cooking dipped. I just sort of threw my hands up, in my mind at least, and decided he can cook for himself.
      I need inspiration for cooking. I want good healthy food!! I may make lettuce wraps soon because thinking about them sounds wonderful. I need to browse some sites for some new recipes. If you all have any you'd like to shoot my way I would greatly appreciate it.

Signing off now.. it's late and I want to get up at a relatively early hour... Wish me luck.

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