Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newbies and Moons

I had a random urge to go to Oxford the other day and couldn't quite place why.

I still don't know why I wanted to go.

Nevertheless, my husband and I traveled up to Oxford and we walked around the square looking in different shops. As much as I LOVE the country... I miss being able to walk around cities. Is that odd? I think it is. I've never really been one to be big on cities but I like being able to be close to things for those "just in case" moments.

Well, yesterday came in handy. Pictured here is my new lovely yoga mat by Jade Yoga, some moccasin shoes (from a random store we walked in called Lulu's), and also the wonderful Neti Pot. The neti pot and yoga mat I was able to buy from Southern Star Yoga.

I was rather excited to have a new yoga mat. This one feels so great. It's not exactly sticky but it's definitely slip resistant, SUCH a must. The neti pot, on the other hand, is for my husband and his sinus cavities. Poor thing has such sinus problems.

But that was yesterday. This morning my alarm went off and I was SO excited because it would be the first time I would get to use my new mat...... Next alarm went off and said "Today is a moon day". Crap. That is so right. I am not going to be put off by the moon though!! I'm just gonna go unroll that beautiful mat and get creative. Maybe lay on it and do homework or take some pictures. Call it a moving meditation, if you will. Either way I'm gonna bust it out and have some fun. It's sort of like resting but getting my creativity flowing.


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