Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dreading the Oncoming of July

      Down here in Mississippi the heat gets to be so unbearable that I would prefer returning to Iraq for a summer than stay here through the humidity that is to come. Lately, we've been lucky and the weather has been relatively nice, at least for June. I want to be outside so much but my pregnancy seems to make me intolerable in the heat thus far. I went so far as buying a pool, although I'll admit that I've been in it once since my husband put it together.
      I have been forcing myself to get back into a regular routine of getting up and following through with my yoga rather than piddling around on my mat and finding excuses to make a short practice. Therefore, practice has been pretty intense for me lately, or at least it seems that way. My muscles are begging for an off day but I don't want to relinquish the feeling of actually getting up and doing something. It's not a ouch pain but a good pain that lets me know my muscles are still in need of work. After I'm on the mat for a few minutes the soreness dissolves and my practice flows. Building up my stamina to complete, or attempt to complete, the Primary Series of Ashtanga has been hard. I find myself getting more easily out of breath these days and can't find any other reason than my pregnancy to blame.
      I've had to resort to using extremely stretchy pants in order to practice because my yoga pants are a bit tight around the middle now that my hips and belly are expanding. I still use t-shirts for practice but am beginning to be annoyed by their coming forward and exposing my back and belly. I may need to find a top that will stay down and cover my belly. Books to read is more important to me than a stretchy top. At least for now, that may change in a month or so.
      I'll actually have time to read for pleasure rather than the multitudes of stories and novels I've been required to read for my degree. While Hemingway has his highlights, reading his biography in a week is impossible and I just don't want to do it. I guess it's the required part that makes it so daunting. 500 pages use to be a breeze for me to read in like three days. Of course, this was interesting material and I had NO life at that time either. Now, I'm tending animals and cleaning house along with keeping my husband happy by being near him before he leaves for work.
      Alas, I trudge on. Two days of yoga complete (I skipped Monday and Tuesday O_O) and Saturday is a rest day. I bid you all a good night and will try to be back on again tomorrow.


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