Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Vacation Day.... So Sad

      It never ceases to amaze me how attached I get to this little plot of ground when I am here. My grandparents place is so beautiful.
It is only a small plot of land but it is peaceful (minus the large trucks zooming by). There is a small creek in front of their place that I could sit by for hours and hours just watching the water run over the rocks. It almost feels like a sanctuary really. There is wildlife galore here and plenty of plants to add to the beauty of the surrounding area. 
      Sadly, this trip was a short one. Normally, I would stay for at least a month with my grandparents, but that was when I was younger. My trips have been shortened lately to about two weeks time and it is a wonderful and amazing two weeks time. This time, however, my stay was dragged down to a week. Arrive on a Monday night and leave a Monday morning. 
      I wish that I could stay here forever. The tranquility of the place is so awesome that it almost feels like it isn't real. Like I have traveled down a rabbit hole into a wonderland or possibly found that little piece of never-never land. Alas, my stay is ending and I'm trying not to cry. Emotions are running high right now due to my pregnancy. Damn hormones. I hate to cry and more than that I hate to cry here because it upsets the beauty of things.
      I never want to leave while I'm here. I can just picture staying here and doing yoga in the middle of the road halting traffic from their incessant zipping. Speed bumps are definitely needed on the road in front of this house. Nevertheless, I could stay here easily and work while my husband goes to school. Of course I don't think my husband would easily leave the south. He says he wants to but we shall see. 
      Yoga would have been great this morning. I don't think I could have easily completed any though since I don't have a mat and the road is a bit rough. Not to mention, the ground is quite slick and on quite a hill. Maybe a few standing poses are warranted in that case. I feel the need for a standing forward bend to release the tension building in my lower back. Yay pregnancy.


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