Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is this really a vacation?

      My husband and I drove up to my grandparents in West Virginia this past Monday. This was supposed to be a vacation for the both of us but sadly it hasn't been quite a vacation really. I have been too busy reading for school and doing homework rather than relaxing and just hanging out. Makes me want to go back and start over again. I don't think that is a possibility though.
      I had considered bringing my yoga mat up here but I am glad that I didn't. It'd be doing the same thing it's doing now at home, just sitting there looking lonely. Only it'd be staring me in the eyes here. I'm still trying to figure out what is ok and what isn't ok to do as far as being pregnant goes. I can definitely say that I don't think Ashtanga yoga would be wise during my second trimester. I'm actually curious about how quickly I can get back into Ashtanga after my pregnancy is over. I feel like I've been so lazy and need a big wake up call.
      I think a break from homework is definitely needed for today though. I want to go sit on a rock by the river in front of my grandparents house and watch my husband and dogs play in the water. By Jove, I think that is exactly what I'll do too. Therefore, I'm signing off and saying see ya later.


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