Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Almond Milk mmmmm
      I think I'm becoming addicted to this stuff. It's so yummy! Of course, I don't have the unsweetened kind but the sweetened isn't all that sweetened. Oddly. But it still tastes amazing. I added some to my coffee this morning before my practice. I think I'm beginning to be addicted to that too. I know I said I was going to try that DVD again this morning but I ended up doing the two sets of 5 sun salutations that begin the Ashtanga practice and stopped there.
       I am going to set up an appointment with a certified instructor of prenatal yoga and yoga therapy to ask her some questions about my practice so that I can have the best benefits for me and Connor. I want to deepen my studies of yoga, but I also don't want to hurt me or my unborn child. Is it possible to become addicted to yoga? I feel like, after my practice is complete, I just want to keep practicing and moving with my breath. Of course, I could do a small practice in the evening but is there such thing as too much yoga in one day?


      Nevertheless, I applied for a position at Lululemon in Memphis..... probably the worst possible idea in the world but I was curious if I would be given a call back. Sure enough I was sent an invitation last night!!! I hadn't even been in the system a day. Too bad Lululemon is about 120 miles from my house. I couldn't drive that everyday and actually make any money. All my money would be spent on gas. :( I wish they had one closer to me. I've considered actually going to the interview just to see what stuff they have in the store haha.
      Right now I guess I'm just stuck in no mans land as far as a job goes. Well, outside of substitute teaching that is. I sub at an elementary school but that is about as sporadic as it is stable. While the assistant principal says it will be mostly a full job this year, I'm not so sure. Heck, there are probably two women on maternity leave but that only helps me temporarily since I'll be going on one in October/November myself.

Mmm breakfast. :) (Random I know)

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