Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Mat Again

Serenity in the water.

     Woke up early this morning despite the fact that I would have, and could have slept much longer. My husband was up at 6 this morning to go fishing with his stepdad and I decided to just get up rather than sleep through the morning. It still took me a good forty-five minutes to get on my mat for some reason. I haven't practiced in almost a week it seems. My practice started slow... real slow. I made my way through 5 rounds of Sun Salutation A, and then started working on Sun Salutation B. Sadly, I made it to number 4 and decided to skip the last and move into the Fundamental series part of Ashtanga. Yet again, sadly I only made it to the end of the Fundamental series before calling it quits. Finished with the three closing poses and laid down on my left side for corpse pose.
      It seems like I'm stuck... I think so far, the farthest I've made it lately in my Ashtanga practice is to the first three seated postures. Granted, some I can't do for the obvious reason of being pregnant, but it still saddens me not to make it far into the practice. Is it possible to become lopsided from not completing the full practice? I hope not, because I'd be one lopsided pregnant lady if that were so. I've been tempted to just switch to a prenatal yoga practice for now but I don't want to leave my Ashtanga practice. I find comfort in the stability I have.
     The above picture is of Tiffany Cruikshank. Her photo shoots for Nike are very, VERY inspirational. I fully intend to accomplish this pose one day and know that the only way to achieve such a goal is to not give up in my practice. Sometimes the end seems so far away though. Patience has never been one of my virtues. At all. Heck I'm working on 26 weeks of pregnancy and I'm already anxious for that to be over haha. (Although I think the anxiousness of pregnancy and the anxiousness of yoga are a bit different)

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