Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Set Your Intention

      Tiny Devotions posted on Facebook asking their followers to post their intentions and take photos to document it. I decided to draw out my intention on a piece of printer paper. Probably hard to see here in the drawing but that object the girl is leaning on is supposed to be a boat. Nevertheless, my intention is to "forgive my enemies and amend wrongs done to others"and by amend wrongs, I meant the wrongs I have done to others. Such a small space for words, so I just compacted them. 
      Had I more room, I think my intention list would have been a bit longer. I fully intend to forgive my enemies and amend wrongs, but I also intend to obtain a yoga teacher certificate in order to speed the wonderful enjoyment of yoga. I don't live in a yoga enriched area but want to bring yoga to the area so that I may help others lead healthy and happy lives. 
      That being said, I am at a stalemate in regards to getting my certificate. I found a wonderful program that I could attend but I'm lacking in the funds. I want to find ways to try to raise the money, but I'm not sure what I could do to raise the money. Not many folks are willing to donate for a lady to take up a practice of yoga. Well not unless you're in a yoga enriched area, which I'm not. I'm going to be praying. Hopefully, God will touch my heart and lead me in the right direction.

      On a similar note, yoga today was quite amazing. The beginning of my practice is beginning to smooth out, even with the pregnancy, and I'm able to delve deeper into certain poses. I have even added back in Utthita Hasta Padangustasana A, B, and C (Extended Hand to Big Toe) and I'm less wobbly!!! :) That made me excited today that I was able to hold it longer than I normally could.
      I stopped at Purvattanasana though today. I didn't want to push my luck with the practice. It felt too right and I think I had too much energy and didn't want to go too deep into a pose and hurt myself. I felt great afterwards too. I may start pushing my own boundaries and testing the waters to see how far I can get in the Primary Series. We shall see. 
      I'm trying to actually make my way through Yoga Mala still. I was able to get a clarification on something in the book that was confusing me. Thankfully at that. Claudia from Ashtanga Yoga Mother Earth blog helped me out. I'm glad there are knowledgable people out there that are willing to share their knowledge and make things easier to understand. 


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