Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SMOOTHIE :D and Yoga

      Ok, so the best part of my day so far has been yoga and this wonderful smoothie! Oh, that was just what the doctor ordered. Well, it was just what I ordered haha.
      Granted, I only made it up to Prasarita Padottanasana D due to time constraints and my desire to eat.  After practicing yoga before lunch I have decided that for the remainder of this AT I'm going to be practicing yoga during my lunch break. It was the best thing to wake me up and give me energy to go through the rest of the day. I felt great after practicing and am not near as tired as I was earlier. Not to mention, I was able to stretch my glute muscles since I'm sitting on them all day. Poor muscles.

    On a good note though, I was able to find a yoga studio in Memphis that centers around Ashtanga. There is also a teacher training session that will be going on at this studio starting September and ending next August. It is a one weekend a month for the twelve months. I really want to go but I have to convince my husband first. He knows it is something I want to do but he might be skeptical about it. I really want to study with the top dog of this training Manju Jois but his trainings are either in Chicago or Philadelphia. I'll be waiting a little while on that one though.
     A girl can hope and dream though. I sure do keep my hopes and dreams alive. Making a little extra cash on the side as a yoga teacher would be nice :). I'll have to pitch it good and hope for the best. Nevertheless, for now I am going to read a book and watch some Rizoli and Isles.

Oh and here is my smoothie mix:
Chia Seeds
Yogurt :)



  1. Wonderful ingredients, but somehow I seem to like them all separately! My bedtime snack here is Hunts Snack Pack tapioca! Nom!

  2. Haha. They actually blended better than I thought it might be. It was yummy. I'm going to be using bananas today :)