Monday, July 9, 2012


      It amazes me how something so simple as yoga can make such a difference in a day! I hadn't practiced yoga Friday, Saturday or yesterday and I could tell something was wrong. I was sluggish, tired, and so unmotivated to do anything really. Yet, after waking up at 4am this morning and practicing yoga, I can tell a distinct difference in my outlook. Granted, yes I am tired from waking up that early. I don't usually wake up before 7 on a good day let alone 4/530. I could definitely go back to sleep right now, but my body feels completely better. Something as simple as getting up and practicing yoga can have such profound effects on the body.
      Sorry it has taken so long to post another blog. Friday was pretty much spent on writing the beginning of my research paper, Saturday was spent in transit to Camp Beauregard in Louisiana, and then yesterday I was stuck in an office babysitting a phone that never rang. I'm pretty much doing the same thing today only I have wireless internet I can use now. I still want to go back to sleep though. I am not an early riser BY far.
     Today is mainly homework-and-sitting-around day. I dread writing this paper. Fifteen pages is a lot, and granted, I have enough information to put down on paper, it is finding the way to write it all out that is becoming problematic. My thoughts aren't gathering and forming like I want them to. Nevertheless, I shall drive on and hope to have it finished in time for the end of my class.

....... On another note, my unit is attempting to find some way to keep me in the military. Promotion, money, or whatever. They're trying hard. I am not even sure I want to stay in the military. The country isn't exactly military friendly nowadays, and the deployments will kill me whenever my husband goes over seas :(.Why can't the wars just stop?

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