Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tried Something Different

      I've been having uterine irritability lately and I kept trying to figure out why or what was causing it. I don't have a UTI or a feminine infection, so those weren't the culprits. Last night at my first birthing class, I asked the ladies that were giving the class what could be causing my uterine irritability and we went through my daily routine pretty much. Apparently standing, walking or engaging the core muscles too much is enough to cause bouts of uterine irritability. The part that caught my attention was "engaging the core muscles too much". I engage those things in Ashtanga, right?
      Anyways, I thought I'd try a softer, yet different approach to yoga this morning. Grudgingly, albeit. Prenatal Yoga developed by Elena Brower. She is an Anusara Yoga teacher and created a dvd for pregnant and postnatal women. It was a lot of standing poses (not that I'm complaining) and the breath holds are a bit long. I'm not sure how the person that was demonstrating the sequence was able to take and hold breaths that long since her belly is much larger than mine. I'm not sure if you folks have been pregnant before, but a growing fetus tends to take up the space that allows for truly deep breaths. Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, nevertheless, was interesting and depending how I feel the rest of the day, I may do it again.
      If, however, Ashtanga was not the culprit of my uterine irritability (I'm seeing my doctor today and will be asking about it again) then I will be well back on my way of my Ashtanga practice. But if Ashtanga has been the culprit, well, then I guess I'll have to take it easy and try something different for now. I can always re-begin my practice once my pregnancy is over. Not to mention, for some reason I feel like I've read in Yoga Mala, that pregnant women were not supposed to practice Ashtanga. I'm going to check that out again to make sure.

On to breakfast and coffee :)

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