Friday, July 27, 2012

Energy Wane...

    My alarm wasn't set this morning, and therefore, I was woke up at 7:10 when my phone rang to inform me that my husband (who is sleeping) was supposed to be at work for 6:00 this morning. Hm, he thought he didn't go to work until 1 this afternoon. Nevertheless, things were a bit rushed this morning as he dressed to get out the door and to work. I forewent my morning practice of Ashtanga for a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of almond milk and proceeded to get things thawed out for lunch. Baked Chicken with ravioli for lunch and I had no idea when I was actually going to have lunch. At least, until my husband informed me that his break was at 1.
     Sweet, that meant I could let my oatmeal settle, get started on the chicken, AND find some kind of yoga to get worked into my day. For my practice today, I hopped over to YogaGlo to find a sequence. My back was hurting from last nights sleep, so I wanted something a little more laid back than my Ashtanga practice. So in that case, I settled on a third trimester thirty minute yoga sequence by Stephanie Snyder. I'm not quite at seven months yet but I figured it would be a gentle practice that I may like. Luckily for me, I did like the practice. It was gentle enough for my back, but not too gentle to where I didn't feel like it was a flop. I may reference this site more often for "try out" practices. I've kept with my Ashtanga practice this long, but even the sun salutations are proving hard to get through. I want to cut it down to three of each set but I feel like that would be cheating. I may ask about that. The stretching aspect of the series is wonderful but the beginning warm up makes me engage my core too much.
      Yoga aside, I feel like I need to eat better but can't. My body wants things that my mind says no to. I like smoothies so those are easy to consume and they're healthy, but when it comes to other foods... I just can't seem to get them past my tongue. I am trying though. The baked chicken from today wasn't too bad. It was chicken smeared with dijon mustard and topped with crumbled bread crumbs. The ravioli was made by Bertoli and topped with a pasta sauce. I think I may have had a handful of those so it wasn't an extreme portion. I did, however, come home from lunch (probably after an hour of eating) and blended up a pretty easy smoothie.

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

- 1 banana chopped
- 2 spoon fulls of peanut butter
- cup of almond milk
- ice

Blend together and enjoy :)!!

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