Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three Yoga-less days :/

      That is right... three days of no yoga...... I'm saddened by this fact. I feel lost a little bit. I didn't do yoga on Sunday because I practiced on Saturday (original off day from yoga). So I intended to practice yesterday but this was avoided due to the necessity to get up early and get a move on to get an application in the mail and moving to its destination before tomorrow.
      We ended up getting back home around 2 something that afternoon and, now that I'm trying to think, I can't remember what we did after that. OH, we went to look for a pair of slacks and shoes (gotta love country boys and their minimal attire haha). Anyways, then it was time to change the spark plugs in my car. He did that while I swam and cleaned the pool—he joined me once he was done. By this time it was dang near 5 o'clock and we went to visit friends and see some remodeling they did on their house. Next up was child birth class! That lasted from 630-840.... Needless to say, I was maxed out on time for yoga. Either I had food in my stomach when I had time or I didn't have time. :(.

      Well that was yesterday. Today on the other hand... I woke up later than I had planned and was just plain lazy. No other way around that. I don't remember what I did first but I think it was coffee. After that Zack and I spent time in the pasture with my "training deprived" horse. It's been months since I've worked with her because this blasted heat crap going on. It was 100 degrees at 830 last night!!! Ridiculous. Nevertheless, we were out there and giving her a re-lesson on something she's already learned. I'll probably have to start from scratch again when I start over. Mostly because I don't want to get ahead of myself or her for that matter. Give her time to get reacquainted and such.
      Anyways, off topic again. After the lesson it was breakfast, shower, then off to Camp McCain. I needed a new Military ID, had to fill out a voucher, and then sign an award recommendation. After getting home it was lunch time and then I had to pack up some glasses and mugs from the camper so that we could start moving our stuff out of the camper and into storage for moving purposes. By that time it was 315 and Zack had to get ready for work and I was hungry... again. Baby making= always hungry=not good for yoga on days when morning practice is avoided. I intended to do an evening practice... yet again it was canceled due to food in the belly.
      TOMORROW I hope to rouse myself early enough to have a few gulps of coffee before making my way to my mat and completing my practice. Whether it be 30/45/60 minutes long. I INTEND to get in my practice. I need to... I feel lazy all day if I don't. Therefore, my alarm is set for 6:30 and 7:00 (just in case I feel lazy again).

I'm setting a mid-year resolution: Practice 6-days a week (minus pregnancy recovery time) so that I can be ready for my teacher training (whoever I decide it be with) next year!

I need to print out some pages that say this so that I can be inspired by it. I may just do that too :)

This picture, and many others, of Tiffany Cruikshank is my inspiration and drive to practice.
Tiffany Cruikshank

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