Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interesting Yoga Practice

      This morning was such a lazy morning. I rolled out of bed at 8:30 after resetting my alarm about four times. I could NOT wake up to save my life. I'm not even sure why I was so tired. It's not like I didn't sleep like a rock last night or anything, I just so happened to not want to wake up. Nevertheless, practice was inevitably delayed again today due to the fact that I ate breakfast instead of practicing. Breakfast was mediocre, but my smoothie was awesome! :) First one of the day was a mix between banana, blueberries, pineapple and peanut butter with almond milk and a few ice cubes. Oh so delicious.
      After breakfast I ended up watching the bike race for the olympics. Interesting stuff. Some guy ended up rounding a corner too fast and crashed. This crash supposedly changed the whole race. Odd that one crash can change the outcome of a 150-mile race. Craziness. Nevertheless, the fella who won totally deserved it. His timing was impeccable. When the race was over it was time to get cracking on lunch for the hubby. Waking up late made me behind on a bunch of things. Namely... lunch.
      What was lunch, you may ask? Well it was delicious. Seared salmon with a salad. Ohhhh NmmNmmNmm. Thats kind of like yum yum but with a N haha. Anyways, it came out better than I imagined really. I wasn't sure if the salmon would be too fishy or if the salad would be too plain, but everything came out great. Yay for a healthy meal. Next up, nap time with the hubby before he went back to work. Luckily, my belly isn't big enough to kick us both off of a couch yet so we were able to snuggle up quite nice for a little reprieve. :)
       Nap time over. He went back to work and I came home and worked on my Senior Seminar Final paper. Ugh, I really can't wait until tomorrow to through my hands up and say "I'M FINISHED SUCKAAAAAAAA."I will relish in the thought of actually and truly finishing my degree. I will be a graduate finally! Then it will be on to doing something else haha. Anyways, after I quit working on my paper I decided I wanted to quickly work on some yoga before Zachary got off of work. So I opened my laptop and went to YogaGlo and looked for some prenatal/Vinyasa style yoga. Here I found Kathryn Budig's Prenatal-Friendly Flow practice....................... Yeah, the name is quite deceiving. Wonderfully so though. It ended up being almost Ashtanga Vinyasa mixed. I was quite relieved. Not only did I recognize most of the sequence but there were extra tidbits thrown in during the practice.
        I was amazed at how my body moved through this sequence. My Chaturanga's were strong and stable and my stomach didn't get tight like it had been. I was shocked. I may continue with this practice, modifying the further I become, since it sat so well with me today. Definitely a great practice and I even broke a sweat!!! My treat after practice? You guessed it!! Another smoothie :D. This one was just the nanners and peanut butter with almond milk.
Delicious! (I think I'm obsessed with smoothies)

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