Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Combination Practices

So I've started a new thing two days ago. I'm going to start walking 10 minutes before actually doing my practice. This might be ill advised and then again it may not, but I haven't really been active lately because I've been tired throughout the day. I figured, if I get up in the mornings and do 10 minutes of walking before my practice, then at least I'll have had 10 minutes of walking in for the day PLUS whatever I can get in when I walk my dogs.

Pregnancy makes me lazy. I've heard of some folks that run constantly through their pregnancy and even train for marathons (crazy crazy), but not this girl. It may have been because I had a summer pregnancy and the humidity zapped my energy, but man I envy those women who have loads of energy.

Well, some days I have loads of energy and it's quite nice. Then it got away and I'm back to being tired again.

Nevertheless, today was morning two of the walking and Surya practice. I kind of like it actually. I don't walk to terribly fast or increase the incline on the treadmill a lot because I don't want to do to much to fast in the last six weeks of my pregnancy, but the speed I was going liked to kick my butt. I've heard of pregnant women getting out of breath fast but phewww that was not cool. I had to take a 10 minute break BEFORE doing the Surys. It was horrible. However, I was able to regain my breathing as I began my practice.

I regained my breathing but my mind was wandering. My Lord, I haven't the slightest idea why it was so hard to control my thoughts this morning. I'd concentrate on my breathing and then for some reason it would wander. I made it through 5 Surya A's, then 2 Surya B's (they don't agree with me), and then 3 more Surya A's. Them B's, I am not sure what to think about them right now. I can't seem to get my limbs and breath coordinated. Six weeks though.. round about that is. Six weeks and, well I take that back, it'll be more like 12 weeks but then I'll be back in the game.

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