Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1st

Beginning of a new month and with the beginning of a new month in the year, I begin a new month of pregnancy. I can't believe that on Tuesday I will be EIGHT months pregnant! I made it up to the end of 7 months before I started becoming uncomfortable, but I guess that can only last so long before the pains of pregnancy begin to set in.

With the dawning of a new month, I am hoping that some good changes are in the makings for me and my husband. I'm not just meaning the birth of our son, but also changes that could impact our life in a good way further down the road.

I am patiently waiting for news so that, not only can my husband have a new job, but also so I can figure out what I am going to do for a job once my son is old enough. Trouble will be considering what really matters to me and what I would want to do for the remainder of this life. I thought it was teaching children, but learned quickly that while, it may be rewarding sometimes, I don't think I'm cut from the cloth that long time school teachers are.

Therefore, this month is my EXPLORE month! :)

Yes, I want to eventually get my teaching certificate, but the more I delve into Ashtanga, the more I want to visit Mysore. Not just for the practice or learning capacity I'm sure to experience, but also for the experience of being drenched in the historical aspect of the practice. The history behind the practice is fascinating.

I was reading through the second Preface in Guruji last night and came across an interesting tidbit of information. Guy Donahaye explained how Saturdays off developed in the practice. Guruji was always at work except days of the full moon and new moon. His family complained about not seeing him often and so he began taking Saturdays off too. Low and behold, Saturdays are off days. And here all this time I thought the Saturday off days were because of the intensity of the practice. I'm sure that is the reason that has evolved over the years since he installed the Saturday being an off day.

It's nice to know where things come from though. I'm going to look up all sorts of information to fuel this fire I have inside me. Hopefully with my ending pregnancy, I won't lose my drive to practice.

Enjoy the day off and the Labor Day weekend everyone!

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