Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally, I Practiced, But Wait!

I definitely meant to get up and practice this morning, but lately I've felt like poop. I really don't feel like doing much of anything. It literally takes energy to get out of bed to walk my dogs, and that is sad. It really is. I've often considered calling on my husband to walk the girls by himself, but then if I did that I'd feel like a total bum and I'm not even that big in the belly yet. Albeit, I am uncomfortable.

Nevertheless! I waited until lunch time food had sufficient enough time to pass through my stomach so that I wouldn't get queasy from all the up down movements of the Surya Namaskara's. My intention: get at least half primary in today. My accomplishment: 5 Surya A's, 3 Surya B's, and the two closing postures (I've omitted the lifts from now on).

Now, there is a particular reason WHY I stopped where I did. Although, I wish I could have kept going. I started feeling some stretching pains in my lower abdomen. The kind of pains that aren't exactly "the good kind of pain". I pushed through the last Surya B and said "well Brianna, I guess that's where you're stopping today," and I did a few cat-cows and minor twists to try to ease some tension in my back. I wasn't happy I had to stop, but I managed to get on my mat and I managed to practice.

Then, after I had come to the conclusion that I can't keep up like I use to because of my present condition, I came across a shared link by Anthony Grim on Facebook for a post on "How to start an Ashtanga Yoga home practice, and how to fail at it (several times)." Maya Lassiter was the woman who posted it, and— granted I wasn't away from yoga as long as her— I felt like I was reading a blog that I could have posted. All I had to do was swap out names for certain books and DVDs and that was how I felt about starting a home practice.

Her post hit the nail on the head when it comes to starting a home practice. I started one because I live in BFE and the nearest place to practice is over an hour a way. Not to mention, the closest Ashtanga studio is either 2 hours north of me or 5 hours south of me. The one 5 hours south of me is the reason I got "hooked" on Ashtanga. Melanie Fawer has a wonderful DVD that helped me along with my practice.

Coming across Maya's post though made me think back on my own little trek to where I am. I'm just wondering where I'll be in two or three years from now. Maybe I'll finally be into the intermediate series. Provided I don't get pregnant again haha.

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