Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Early Mornings and a Book (or two)

Lately, I've been attempting to get up early so that I can wake up and have a cup of coffee before I practice. Sometimes I fail, but this morning I woke at 6:45 and had a nice cup of joe and read the rest of the third chapter from Maehle's book, Pranayama: The Breath of Yoga.

I'm still two chapters behind Claudia but I'm following her in her Book Club as she goes through the book chapter by chapter. It's quite interesting to read her thoughts on this book. I can't wait to see which book she goes through next :).

Anyways, I finished Chapter 3 today and got some good information out of it. Mainly the different ways to change which nostril I breath through to activate the left or right side of the brain. Now all I need is either a yoga danda or to become really flexible so that I can work my way into Marichi A (or Ekapada Yogadandasana) to activate a particular nostril. 

So far this book is quite interesting. The idea that one can switch which side of the brain is active via the nostrils. When the left nostril is active then the right side of the brain is active and vice versa. Maehle goes over which activities are more prudent for practicing based on which nostril is active. I could attempt to give a stab at explaining this but Claudia does a phenomenal job of explaining them in her blogs Left Nostril More Active? 15 Auspicious Things to do and also Right Nostril More Active? 11 Auspicious Things To Do.

She does such a wonderful job in her exploration and explanation of this book. My attempt would be pale in comparison. I am learning things though. Somedays, I wish I could lay around, like I did as a teenager, and read all day long. Hopefully, I'll get back to that stage. But, nevertheless, to understand what it is I'm referring to in regards to this book, you all should join Claudia and me on this wonderful journey through the world of Pranayama. 

Tomorrow morning I begin tackling Chapter 4 and continuing my journey through Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika by B.K.S. Iynengar. Join me in reading this enlightening book. I will probably read it twice and comment on it the second go around. I want to absorb everything this first time.

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