Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Well Folks

 First off.. I said that I would let you all know if I managed to check off items on my to-do list for yesterday.

Here they were:
1-GET UP EARLY and complete at least 10 Surya Namaskara's (whether they are all A or half A and half B).
2-Doctors visit3-Study
4-Afternoon wind down practice (mainly consisting of legs-up-the-wall to combat RLS)
5-Reading of the Yoga Sutra
And this is how they went:
1- Got up, but not as early as I wanted. Completed 5 Surya A's and 3 Surya B's (them B's are kicking my pregnant butt with moving the foot forward and backward in the Vira part of the sequence)
2- The visit was good and quick. Gained 4 pounds since the last visit; bringing my total to a whooping 24 lbs gained now in 32 weeks.

3- I did indeed study. I finished my A&P and Nutrition homework for the week :)

4-Does Savasana on the bed count? If not, then I didn't make this practice cause my stomach felt like poop.

5- I actually read some of the Gita yesterday instead of the Sutra. The Sutra will be read tonight.

6- Sleep was much disturbed by frequent potty breaks. Darn my ever living small bladder.

Nevertheless, even though today was a hectic day it was a pretty good/bad day. Good, because my husband sold his Jeep. Bad, because he didn't get the job he had applied for :(. Now he's kicking his butt for not getting it. BUT, the lord knows where he wants us to be at and it wasn't Texas apparently. 
With the Jeep sold we have extra cash in the savings account for junior if we should need it in the future. I'm going to continue keeping on with my practice and studies and hopefully I'll come to some conclusion of what I can do for a career in the near future. Considering beginning an MBA degree first and then gonna go from there. Nutrition would be great but I live too far from universities at the moment to consider driving three days a week. Maybe I can get some sort of certification later though. 

I think I'm going to attempt to keep the same general routine going for a while. I liked it. Well maybe not a doctor visit everyday but the rest will be nice to try. Not to mention having a routine set out is nice too. Claudia wrote a nice little blog on routines not to long ago. Except hers detailed 7 morning practice that are great for a yoga practice. I hope to use most of her tips as my world begins to become shaky with a baby coming my way.

Oh, the changes the changes. But of course the only constant in life IS change :)


  1. Brianna, thanks for the mention! :-) Just discovering your blog here, nice! Will add you to the blogroll to stay in touch. :-)

    1. Thanks for the add :). And look forward to keeping in touch.