Monday, September 3, 2012

I Have Reached That Point

It's sad to say, but for the second day in a row forward bends have been troublesome. I must re-analyze my practice and adjust for my enlarging belly.

I suspect there will be bent knees and my breath counts will elongate a bit more during the practice as well. I'm going to experiment tomorrow to see which adjustments feel best. Not to mention I will be going in for a visit to my doctor, I imagine she will give me an estimate on how big my baby is now.

The time is starting to slow down now. The last few months of the pregnancy have flown by and now that the ending is in sight, it feels as though things are slowing down as my impatience gets the best of me. Of course, my impatience is probably due to my uncomfortableness at the moment. I swear it feels as if someone has tried to squeeze an overgrown watermelon into my stomach, and my stomach isn't adjusting for the extra matter in my belly. Uncomfortable!

Anyways, practice needs adjustment. I'm almost getting bummed out because of how drastically my practice has changed up to this point. Most of the changes have really happened in the past two-three weeks. (sighs)

I can't wait to be able to practice at full speed once again...... I guess I should relish the lacksadaisy practice for the time being since most of my energy will be taken away by my child once he is born. They say to get rest while you can in the last month or two because you won't get it once your child is born... I just can't seem to rest like others. Heck, I tried napping today and ended up studying. Go figure.

Tomorrows agenda:
GET UP EARLY and complete at least 10 Surya Namaskara's (whether they are all A or half A and half B).
Doctors visit
Afternoon wind down practice (mainly consisting of legs-up-the-wall to combat RLS)
Reading of the Yoga Sutra

Lets see what I can check off tomorrow.

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