Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Heels Down!!!!

Ok, so today was the first day EVER that I have successfully managed to get BOTH heels on the ground, simultaneously, in Down Dog!!! I was thrilled, shocked, ecstatic even :). I thought maybe my tendons were too short for me to reach my heels to the ground, but alas I have accomplished the feat!

Now, with that being said, I did this while completing a prenatal yoga practice. Before the practice I completed 5 Surya Namaskara A's because I didn't know that the instructor in the video would be completing her prenatal version of the salutations. Nevertheless, the sequence was built by Elena Brower. I'm beginning to like her way of teaching more and more as I watch her videos on YogaGlo. Her teaching resembles a teacher I followed a while back, so it was easy to adapt to her style and even feel comfortable in it.

The practice itself was interesting. It may be because of my pregnancy hormones but I felt so relaxed with this practice as I flowed through it. It felt as if I was able to go deep into poses and just relinquish all my worries as I stayed in the postures. Quite a nice thing to have when one needs it.

Learning to relinquish things needs to be incorporated into my daily life. I find that I try to structure things way too often, and then when things go awry I feel so helpless and even angry. Through my practices I'm beginning to at least try to take control of my relinquishment issues.

My husband and I are awaiting some news and my relinquishing issues have surfaced, which is where today's practice became of use. I haven't been able to make any set plans for anything (outside of pregnancy) due to the fact that the next few months could go one way or the other. Vague details, I know, but I don't want to jinx my husband (or me for that matter).

Anyways, on to homework and then hopefully more Sutra studies :)

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