Monday, August 20, 2012

New Courses and a Good Practice.. sort of

I made it to Navasana without many hiccups this morning. Random dog walked through our yard and cats meandered by but was able to immediately bring my awareness back to my breath. What did I notice? Well, I noticed that my breathing was not as smooth or even as I had wanted it to be. I felt like I was snoring more than breathing..... I haven't the foggiest idea why. Maybe what I think is ujjayi is definitely not. :/ I've tried reading to better understand how to practice this technique during my morning practice but feel silly attempting it. I feel like my exhales are much louder than they should be and my inhales are feeling more like a regular breath, yet I feel as if I'm attempting to slightly contract my throat but then again I also feel as if I'm going to not get enough air.

Is it possible to panic while practicing ujjayi? Because I sometimes feel as if I don't get adequate oxygen during practice. This could totally be a pregnancy thing since "shortness of breath" is quite common the further along one becomes. Either way, I feel like I'm either doing it wrong or not doing it at all and just making noises. So while my practice this morning was nice and I feel all good and stretched, I also feel like I failed in my attempt at a breathing exercise. I call it a win/lose for this morning. :/

Not only was I able to wake at 6:30 this morning, UN-assisted I might add and no alarm clock needed :), but I started five online classes for this semester as well. Blackboard, the online medium we're using for the courses, is having "server problems"...... You'd think after years of using Blackboard that these problems wouldn't arise EVERY time classes start at the beginnings of semesters and yet they still happen. Annoying for those of us who like to hop right in and get the information they need before starting the week and then diving in. All I want to do is figure out what I need to read and what I need to do so I can plan my week and OTHER readings around these courses. Not to mention I have to plan my work around my pregnancy too. Ok off that horse.

On a different note, I read through the commentaries of sutras I.2 and I.3 last night. Felt much better reading these after tackling the first sutra. I guess I have to switch my mind frame from American writing to a much different writing style in order to fully understand and enjoy the text that is being laid out. Maehle states that everything is stated as it is for the purpose of not loosing anything in translation. Which makes sense. You can only water down a piece of information so much before you tend to lose meaning. I would name a particular text that would make a good example but that would only start controversy, and therefore, I will refrain from making such an accusation. But, I can understand the necessity of making sure that one fully comprehends one thing before moving on to the next section. If I'm not mistaken, his statement was in reference to the third sutra. "Then the seer abides in his own nature," he said that one must truly understand the explanation of this sutra before moving to the fourth.

Time for some Microbio or Nutrition reading now. Oh yay. :)...

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