Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wheat Belly Book and My Attempt to Convert My Husband

      I had read a review of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health on Claudia's Blog, but wasn't so sure I really wanted to give up wheat even after reading the review. Nevertheless, I found that I could sample the book on my iPad through iBooks and so I did just that. I sampled it... 30 something pages of a sample. Those 30 pages were enough to reel me in for the remainder of the book though. In the first few pages, Dr. Williams makes outstanding charges and accusations against wheat and gluten. It's quite shocking. Not only does he make these charges, but also he backs up his words with research and his own personal findings.
      He mentions an experiment he does on himself to describe the difference between einkorn (an ancient grain) and modern day wheat, and the results are quite phenomenal when you look at them. Of course, someone could say that his findings were unique to his particular body and he even states that his findings are not conclusive:
         "My personal experience, of course, does not qualify as a clinical trial. But it raises some questions about the potential differences that span a distance of ten thousand years: ancient wheat that predates the changes introduced by human genetic intervention versus modern wheat."
      Nevertheless, his findings were pretty neat to look at. Although I'm not far in this book yet, it does have a certain appeal to it that makes me wonder. I don't eat wheat all that often anyway so I figure I can remove it from my gobbling mouth. To supplement bread though, I've ordered almond and coconut flour :). I've been wanting to try these anyway. I've also found a pretty interesting looking recipe for an odd type of bread. Ingredients include: eggs whites, whey protein, cream cheese, and onion powered!!! That seems simple enough. Reminds me of an angel food cake but not sweet haha. Gotta try it out. Maybe I'll find some unflavored whey tomorrow and give it a shot. ;)

      On a totally different note though, I'm trying to convince my husband to start doing yoga with me. He thinks he's incapable of doing it because the poses I work myself into are "hard"... and to think I thought I was doing all the easy stuff. He was supposed to do a 30 minute sequence with me today but that didn't quite work out so well. I told him that he'd be getting up and doing a sequence with me in the morning :). This should be interesting since he loves to sleep away the mornings and his mom is off tomorrow so we'll have to work side-by-side in our small room. I'm going to give it a go though. YogaGlow has plenty of beginner sequences though. He'll be fine I think. Maybe I can convert him into being a yogi with me :). That would be quite awesome.
      I did another prenatal sequence yesterday and today but still feel drawn back to my Ashtanga practice. 12 more weeks of pregnancy though :/. Maybe I'll just do the 5 rounds of sun salutation A and B tomorrow. Zack should be able to do those right? Heck they're pretty much the same thing over and over just at the pace of your breath. Or maybe I'll save that for after he tells me that is the last time he's doing yoga haha. I am definitely eager to see how well or not tomorrow morning goes. Course at the rate things are going, it's more than likely going to be a not since it is now 9:30 and he's still not home yet. Maybe I can rouse him in the morning before my stomach decides to eat itself. I can tell you it won't be a 7:00 wake up. That much I know.

      Anyways, we'll see how it all works out. I'll update you all tomorrow on how everything went.

I bid you all goodnight.

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