Thursday, August 23, 2012

Inconducive Tendencies Towards Practice

There was every intention in my body and mind to practice this morning before breakfast, or at least before lunch. Then my phone rang. Tis the season of schools to randomly call in their subs for classes that need a teacher present. That ringing made my entire day feel horrible. Not only did I have an unsuitable lunch, but I also had a horrible mind set in regards to work. Oh, and my plans for practice were messed up YET again. I may have had a slight breakdown.

The kids were ok for the half day that I had me, but when I got home I just wanted to forget that I had been there. I kept close to my husband until he had to leave for work. He is definitely my rock. Best guy I've met (other than grandfather and my dad of course). 

So what did I do in order to pep up my day? I worked on my anatomy homework, took my dogs for a ten minute walk, and then came inside and did a pregnancy workout from the magazine Fit Pregnancy. I have come to a small conclusion. 

I may not practice every day right now but doing something active is better than nothing active. And since I ate about an hour ago, I have about another hour until I can do a relaxing yoga sequence. Even if it only takes me 20 minutes. I WILL get some sort of practice in. It is vital to my being. I can feel my internal organs being sluggish because they haven't been twisted or squeezed (slightly, oh so slightly) lately. So, therefore, soft twists and easy inversions are welcoming me tonight.

I declare that I will have a good day tomorrow and I will brush off things that appear bad to my happy mood. The end :)!


  1. My day was much more pleasant, mixed a few chores into the basic lounging. Inspected the fridge to see if there was anything that looked inviting. Wound up steaming some red potatoes whole, and a pot of carrots, zucchini and squash. About 5 minutes after getting those pots going, I looked into the bottom drawer for an onion. Lo and behold, the man hath gifted me with surprise eggplant. He walked in and said "oh, I see you found the eggplant." The last three batches were "they're just about all gone, babe." My exercise had been laundry, bathroom cleaning, a little vacuuming. That's enough to keep a little old lady fit (yeah, right). Yoga is working for you. That makes it a good and necessary thing, and you have enough agility and inventiveness to adjust your daily practice to your changing body. Uh oh, the body is gonna change totally in just a few more weeks!! Let's hope the young man is entertained by sitting in his bouncer watching mommy do really weird things.

  2. Oh, he'll be well incorporated to my yoga routine. :) I've been told that incorporating them into the routines is a great way to keep them from wandering off or being fussy since mommy is paying them attention. One of the teachers I follow posted a video of her doing yoga with one of her children... Too precious. The little girl just kept giggling. :)