Friday, August 10, 2012

Husband, Yoga, Newbies

Well, I succeeded in my attempt to get Zachary on a yoga mat next to me. While the practice may have been a distracted one due to him not really knowing what to do and when, but the result of the practice was amazing. I laughed so much, at him of course, but we both felt good after we were done. Course, he was starved by that point since I made him wait to eat. He didn't say he disliked it so I'm hoping to get him on the mat again. He was good with sun salutation A and B... when I incorporated anything else, at least that I thought was easy, he made faces as he tried to gain his balance haha. I'll have to work on what seems simple.

Yesterday ended up being a skipped day of practice for me. Bummed me out but I didn't feel like unrolling my mat with the TV going or with eyes watching me. I can't seem to concentrate fully in that regard. I wish it was cooler outside so I could just practice outside. Soon I hope, though.

I may end up practicing today but it will have to be a 30 minute practice. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do. Maybe I'll do a flow of my own or find one on YogaGlo. I'm starting to like this website. Helps when you live in a town that is quite small and there isn't a yoga studio around for about 50-60 miles. Yayyy. Although I really want to attend a session. Maybe I'll convince hubby to go with me :).

On a different note, I'm trying out some new recipes as of late. Today, I'm going to fix a chicken taco but the tortilla will be lettuce instead of a flour/corn tortilla :). Yay. I'm excited to try it. I also made a vanilla creme brûlée, and an almond bread. Both I haven't tried yet but I fully intend to :). I have more recipes I'm going to try as well. They're all going in my binder for yummy recipes. My grandmother told me to start one, just wish I had her recipes haha.

There is this baby back rib pasta sauce I want to try. Sounds amazing and hey anything that has ribs and pasta sounds like a plan to me. More on that later though.

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