Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Possible Skipped Practice

Woke up this morning quite a bit later than I intended. Too late to get in any semblance of a practice due to the fact that I had a prenatal appointment today. The further the day has gone on, the less I feel like even approaching my mat. I'm trying to muster the energy to even think about practicing. I'm noticing that if I don't practice in the mornings... I probably won't the later the day goes. Which sucks because tomorrow I have to be at the Upper Elementary School tomorrow at 7:30 and that means I have to leave my house by at least 7:00. That would put me getting up at 5 am and as far as I'm concerned, my eyes haven't been opened that early in a while. Not even usually to go potty (which is saying something for a pregnant woman).

I've only made it to the third sutra and haven't progressed further into my study due to the beginning of certain college courses. I'm hoping that things slow down enough that I can either find time in the morning for reading or in the evenings before bed. Today, I am not sure if it will happen though. I like to jump into studies, but studies that are graded take a bit more precedence than my personal studies, unfortunately. I wish I were more organized so that I could better plan my days. Maybe I'll get to that point one day.

Study time resumes. Sorry for the lame post.

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