Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Private Session Including My Husband

Sunday, my practice wasn't as focused as I had wished it to be. That is partially due to the fact that my husband came home in the middle of it and disrupted my focus. I ended up quitting my practice there because I couldn't get my focus back. I wasn't upset by the disruption though, I had completed 5 sets of both Surya Namaskara's so I felt ok to just stop there.

I'm still trying to make my way through Gregor Maehle's book on Ashtanga. It's quite interesting, but after yesterday, I want to go back and start taking notes so that I can refer back to them when I need help. There is quite a bit of good information in the book, and most I need to sift through twice to make sure I get it or at least attempt to understand.

Yesterday was quite possibly the most interesting day I've had in a while. My husband agreed to allow me to schedule a private session with a yoga teacher up north of our area. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something in my practice that could potentially hurt me or my baby. The woman I went to see is trained in prenatal yoga and also yoga therapy. She's quite wonderful actually. Nevertheless, we were going over my Ashtanga practice, and even though she wasn't a certified Ashtanga teacher, she has taken many classes and workshops in how to instruct or at least adjust for certain positions and she knows the counts.

Stevi (from Southern Star Yoga in Oxford, Ms) is definitely closer to me than driving to New Orleans to have a class with Melanie Fawer (which I would drastically love to do). Anyways, my husband accompanied me to the class :). I was grateful for the company on the trip since it is an hour and 10 minute drive. When I was about to go into the studio and set up my mat, Stevi asked Zack if he wanted to join us in the practice! I was shocked when he actually agreed. Mostly because he was wearing jeans haha. He did practice though. It was much better than the first time he tried to give it a shot. His balance was much better too.

However, Stevi's comments towards me were more of a shock for me. I guess because I adjusted the poses as I went along she was surprised, but she said I should be a yoga teacher. My thoughts were basically, "Well yeah that is what I'm aiming for!" but actually said "I'm hoping to be one". Not only that, but when we were finished she said she didn't know why I needed her to confirm that I was doing things right because my "practice looked beautiful and needed minimal adjustments." The minimal adjustments were basically helping me to reach my heels to the ground and adjusting my hips once in a pose.

I was relieved by her comments. Especially, since I've only practices Ashtanga in front of a teacher once in my entire practice. I thought I would need more adjustments than I did. :) I left there beaming with pride. Although, she understood my need for having a teacher look me over during practice and encouraged me to come back as often as I wanted. She gave me some papers from a workshop she attended in Thailand on the practice of Ashtanga. She made notes on it in reference to my pregnancy. Most are common sense when it comes to pregnancy.

Anyways, onwards with my practice and journey :).

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